Wellbeing Through Connection
Horses are prey animals that live as a herd. They have a very sofisticated social  structure  and communicate solely through body langauge. They are masters at reading each other and humans. Their lives literally depend on knowing who and what is  in the area and what their intention is. Getting it wrong could be fatal mistake so they are seldom  wrong.
Horses exist in a state of hypervigilance whilst managing to be relaxed enough to conserve  energy to survive on a very low calorie diet. They live in the present moment being able to react to danger within the blink of an eye and then just as quickly stop, relax and continue grazing when danger has passed.
Large horses weight around 500kg and are beautifully athletic, fast and powerful whilst being gentle, social and dignified.  Horses are so perceptive to danger and skilled at reading body language they often know how humans are feeling even when the human is unaware. This unique equine ability is what makes equine therapy so powerful. Imagine being presented new options for living and being by a silent but intuitive partner.

Toby is the oldest member of our herd. He is 27 years old and a kind, fair and gentle leader. Toby started his life as a competitive dressage horse. He was stabled under lights to keep his coat short and black and had what some might consider a pampered life. 
As he aged and lost fitness he was sold on for less strenuos riding. He spent his teenage years being a pleasure mount. At the age of 19 Toby found his current home where he was soon retired from riding to live out his days grazing the 40 acre property and connecting with humans on his own terms.
Toby has some arthritis and can feel a little stiff when its cold but he still loves to kick up his heels and gallop around the paddock at times, he has never lost his joy for life and is such a playful old man. 

Dude is a very sensitive boy. He is 21 years old and had to be retired from riding 2 years ago due to an old injury that was causing him ongoing pain.  Dude started life with a lady owner who suited his sensitive personality. He was later sold to a man who competed him in rodeos, the rodeo world was very overwhelming for Dude and he was sold on quickly. His rodeo experience did leave a few emotional scars making him wary of men and a little cautious with new humans. Dude then went to live as a solitary horse on a property with humans who adored him but having no equine friends made him depressed and lonely. Dude joined Toby 3 years ago and was immediately his shadow. It was instant bonding for these 2  and they are inseperable.
Dude may be a cautious boy but once he bonds with a human he is a loving boy.


Buddy is the newest member of our herd joining us only a year ago. Buddy is 25 years old and was retired from riding when he arrived. Buddy bears the physical confirmation and scars of a horse who has had a hard life. His full history is unknown but he has a back injury associated with learning to jump whilst too young and although it no longer causes him pain it may have seen him moved from owner to owner in his youth as he will have likely displayed behavioural issues due to pain. Before joining our herd Buddy was working as a riding school horse he was not coping well with multiple novice riders and was running out of rehoming options as his age was against him.​​
Buddy is enjoying retirement and despite being bossed around by the other herd members he doesn't like to be far from them. He particularly enjoys social interactions with humans and always has lots to offer during therapy sessions.

Maddy at 8 is the youngest member of our herd. She joined Toby and Dude almost 3 years ago. Maddy is not used as a therapy horse but likes to watch all the action and at times likes to join in.
Maddy is very sensitive and inquisitive and likes to be the centre of attention both with humans and the herd. Although Maddy does not participate in the therapy she always makes her presence known.