Wellbeing Through Connection
Individual Therapy
Whether you are suffering from mental illness, addiction, life challenges or looking for personal growth individual therapy with horses is a non confrontational way to learn and experience thoughts and feelings and test out new ways of  being. 
Individual therapy sessions are tailored to meet your needs and goals and are likely to incorporate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Skills Training, Psycho-Education and Experiential Learning.
It may involve working with one or several horses depending on your goals and needs. As everyone is different the first session is spent meeting the herd and agreeing on goals for therapy.
Individual therapy sessions may be eligible for a Medicare rebate if referral for therapy is made via a GP Mental Health Care Plan. Individaul sessions last an hour and are most effective when done weekly or fortnightly to allow time for learning, processing and practicing new skills between sessions.
Common Issues Addressed by Individual Therapy:
*Depression    *Anxiety    *Addiction    *Eating Disorders    *PTSD    *Sexual Abuse       *Personality Disorders    *ASD    *Grief & Loss    *Personal Development   *Professional Development    *Leadership Coaching​ 

​​​Family Therapy
Family therapy incorporating horses is a nurturing, non confrontational approach to addressing common or complex family issues.  Family therapy  is tailored to meet the specific goals  of  the family as a whole. Putting team work and relationship at the centre of the session each participant  experiences the power of working together for the common good. It also builds on the strengths  of each family member and can clarify roles and boundaries sometimes  lost at times of discord. Working with the herd or individual horses is also fun and can be a light hearted way of addressing challenging behaviours or loss of family cohesion. 
Family therapy sessions typically last an hour and are most effective when carried out weekly or fortnightly  to allow time in between to practice new skills and work on agreed goals and outcomes for the new family dynamic.
Common Issues Addressed by Family Therapy :
*Parenting    *Marriage Breakdown    *Challenging Teens    *Family Disputes
Group Therapy
Group therapy can be a great way of addressing issues common to particular groups for example teenagers experiencing social anxiety, sporting teams who want to bond and work better together, colleagues who want to enhance performance at work or improve team dynamics and professional groups  requiring professional development. 
Groups are pre arranged and designed to meet the specific needs of the group. They typically last 2-3 hours depending on the needs of the group and can be delivered as a one off session or as a program comprising of  several group sessions held weekly.
Groups are small with 6 participants being the maximum and involve working with the herd both as a whole and individually.
Common Issues Addressed by Group Therapy:
*Depression    *Anxiety    *Addiction    *Eating Disorders    *PTSD    *Sexual Abuse       *Personality Disorders    *ASD   *Personal Development   *Professional Development
*Leadership Coaching​    *Team Building    *Skill Development